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It is a great joy and deep honor
to hold sacred space for soul work
in beautiful Lake Chelan

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Washington State Registered Hypnotherapist HP60624192 - Anne Arthur


Hypnotherapy can be a valuable alternate healing modality to explore a variety of concerns. We will work with material from your subconscious. Clients frequently report experiencing a sense of peacefulness, relaxation and capacity to tap into their own wisdom during their session.

Working with me is not a replacement for consulting with your doctor, a licensed mental health professional and financial or legal expert.



Your Hypnotherapy session is an invitation to go on a personal one-on-one interactive inner adventure in a meditative state for spiritual exploration and personal growth. You may explore past lives or archetypal patterns active in your current life, gain fresh insights and new perspectives and connect with inner resources and guidance.

Hypnotherapy,  Coaching & Systemic Family Constellation sessions are available online
All in-person sessions have been discontinued due to Covid-19

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