Please bring any specific concerns (if you have them) that you'd like to work on during the session. We can also do a more open-ended session for discovery and personal enrichment or hold space for deeper soul work. If possible, avoid stimulants (such as coffee) immediately before the session to help your body relax more easily.

Your eyes, when they really see
a rose or an anemone,
flood the wheeling universe with tears.


Hypnotherapy sessions are $155 and last 2 hours.

In a typical session, we will have time at the beginning of the session for a check in, then you would settle into a comfortable position for hypnotherapy. There will be gentle background music, a cozy cover you can pull over yourself, drinking water and an eye mask available. I will guide you into a meditative state (a light trance) where you feel relaxed yet able to have a conversation and able to make decisions along the way about what you feel comfortable sharing. We will explore areas that are relevant to what you'd like to address. Once we are done, we will bring our focus back to include everyday reality.


Please give yourself ample time after the session for self-care, gentle re-entry and feeling fully grounded and completely alert before you drive or return to work.


In the days after your session, some of the many ways to support your process include setting aside time for reflection, writing in your journal, remembering any special dreams, practicing bringing new behaviors (if any) from the session into lived life, doing kind nurturing things for yourself (such as getting a massage, tea with a dear friend or bath with bath salts), spending time in nature, and listening to or moving to music. 


After your first session, I would welcome a quick email about how you are doing and whether you'd like a complimentary 10-15 minute phone check in. 


It is possible to do just 1-3 sessions and feel complete. If you have several topics you'd like to explore or a topic such as addiction or themes that have been with you for a long time, please consider additional sessions.


If you would like time to share more deeply about your process—without hypnotherapy—we can schedule a time to meet by phone or Zoom. The cost is $88 per hour (or $155 for a 2-hour session).

Online Sessions

I ask that you create a comfortable space for yourself at home where you will not be disturbed. When possible, reclining on a couch or lying on a bed is preferable (over sitting up for a hypnotherapy session) to support your body being as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Additionally, having a blanket so you can be cozy (it is possible you may feel a little cool or warm during the session), drinking water, a few tissues, and an optional eye mask (or scarf you can drape over your eyes) may be of support to you during your session. After we have our initial conversation at the beginning of your session, please position your computer or phone in a way that allows me to hear you and see your face during your journey.



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