Sacred Space for Soul Work

Support for the inner journey

The Sacred Enneagram & Essential Reality Systemic Constellations (Ancestral, Family, Other)   Inner Child Inner Critic Hypnotherapy Guided Meditation Personal Transition Coaching Integration of material from dreams, breathwork & other expanded states Transpersonal & Jungian approaches (Grof Birth Perinatal Matrices, Shadow Work) Archetypal, Mythological & Symbolic realms Perspectives from Astrology, Tarot & other Intuitive Arts Spiritual Energy Clearings Grief & Loss processing and resourcing Creative & Devotional practices Spiral Dynamics




It is an honor to hold sacred space for soul work. I offer individual sessions & group work serving clients from around the world. You are invited, and very welcome to set up a complimentary 30-minute session if you would like to explore working with me.

My path includes over 25 years of study and dedication to depth psychology, mystical spirituality and the inner journey.